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PSSA – Physiology Society of Southern Africa

To promote all aspects related to the teaching, research and dissemination of the discipline of Physiology.

By providing a spectrum of physiological information, the society strives to play a role in the establishment and advancement of physiological sciences within Southern Africa and the rest of Africa.

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Membership in PSSA is open to individuals who have a professional/personal interest in the discipline of physiology. 


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Latest News and Events

PSSA Strategic Council Meeting – May 2016

A strategic council meeting was held on the 16th May 2016 in Stellenbosch, with participation from all council members. This meeting was geared to discuss key aspects around strengthening, growing and positioning of the society in a changing and competitive educational/research landscape. The meeting centered on the strategic plan adopted three years ago and key aims were: a) to assess progress with implementation and b) determine whether additional initiatives should be launched. After presentations by the President (Prof. Faadiel Essop) and the Treasurer/Secretary (Dr. Ben Loos) the council agreed that very good progress has been made with implementation of the strategic plan. After detailed discussions it was agreed to sustain this momentum and pay particular attention to: a) the enhancement of visibility of the PSSA (e.g. via website and newsletter); b) increase membership by targeting more southern African institutions – emphasis on redress; c) continue to support students from institutions that are less equipped and/or funded (e.g. by travel bursaries, exchanges) (emphasis on redress); d) stronger positioning of the PSSA to ensure it becomes the ‘’go to’’ congress for physiologists in the region and the rest of Africa; e) enhanced networking with the southern African institutions (e.g. identifying key contact persons in each region); and f) further build links with African countries and societies (e.g. AAPS) and the rest of the world. Taken together, the vision is to further grow the impact and relevance of the PSSA in the region and the rest of Africa to thereby strengthen the discipline and contribute towards the development of students/academics and contributing to the overall well-being of...

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