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Aurora Scientific in situ muscle data acquisition systemEquipmentStellenboschPhysiological Sciences
Applied Biosystems - Thermal CyclerEquipmentStellenboschPhysiological Sciences
Absorbance Microplate reader (Biotek EL800)EquipmentStellenboschPhysiological Sciences
Aortic ring techniqueEquipmentStellenboschMed Physiol (Tygerberg)
APP overexpressing N2A cellsCell culturesStellenboschPhysiology
AdenovirusCell culturesStellenboschMed Physiol (Tygerberg)
Anymaze - Behavioural analyses and video tracking of animal behaviourEquipmentWits UniversityPhysiology (Brain Function Research Group)
Actiwatch2 (7)EquipmentWits UniversityPhysiology (Brain Function Research Group)
Actiwatch spectrum (9)EquipmentWits UniversityPhysiology (Brain Function Research Group)
A 6 camera high speed optitrack kinematic systemEquipmentWits UniversityPhysiology (Movement Physiology)
Activepal accelerometersEquipmentWits UniversityPhysiology (Movement Physiology)
Actiwatch accelerometersEquipmentWits UniversityPhysiology (Movement Physiology)
Activity and light exposure ambulatory recordingExperimental TechniquesWits UniversityPhysiology (Brain Function Research Group)
Accelerometry Experimental TechniquesWits UniversityPhysiology (Brain Function Research Group)
Arterial funtionExperimental TechniquesWits UniversityPhysiology (Cardiovascular Pathophysiology and Genomics Research Group)
American Optical - IlluminatorEquipmentUFSMEDICAL SCIENCES
Alere - Cholestech LDXEquipmentUFSMEDICAL SCIENCES
Adinstruments - Power Lab EquipmentUFSMEDICAL SCIENCES
Adinstruments - Spirometer PodEquipmentUFSMEDICAL SCIENCES
Accu-Chek - Glucose meter EquipmentUFSMEDICAL SCIENCES
Alpha 500 pH meterEquipmentUFSMEDICAL SCIENCES