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Direct Detect Infra Red SpectrophotometerEquipmentStellenboschPhysiological Sciences
Direct Detect infra-red spectrophotometerEquipmentStellenboschMed Physiol (Tygerberg)
DU4475Cell culturesStellenboschPhysiology
db/db mouse modelAnimal research modelsStellenboschPhysiology
Diabetes in vivo animal modelAnimal research modelsStellenboschMed Physiol (Tygerberg)
Determinaton of ATP phosphorylation (oxygraph)Experimental TechniquesStellenboschMed Physiol (Tygerberg)
Digital microscope (Olympus)EquipmentWits UniversityPhysiology (Brain Function Research Group)
Digestibility trialsExperimental TechniquesWits UniversitySchool of Physiology
DNA expressions (SNIPs)Experimental TechniquesWits UniversityPhysiology (Cardiovascular Pathophysiology and Genomics Research Group)