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Leica CM1860 UV cryosectionEquipmentStellenboschCAF @ Physiology
Leica EM UC7 TEM sectionEquipmentStellenboschCAF @ Physiology
Laminar flow hoodEquipmentStellenboschCAF @ Physiology
Lab rotators (Labnet)EquipmentStellenboschPhysiological Sciences
Luminometer (GloMax)EquipmentStellenboschPhysiological Sciences
Laminar flow cabinetsEquipmentStellenboschMed Physiol (Tygerberg)
Leica Light MicroscopeEquipmentStellenboschCAF @ Tygerberg
Leica Fluorescent MicroscopeEquipmentStellenboschCAF @ Tygerberg
LDH measurement of apoptosisExperimental TechniquesStellenboschMed Physiol (Tygerberg)
Leica Manual MicrotomeEquipmentWits UniversitySchool of Physiology
Lovibond Colorimeter/tintometerEquipmentWits UniversitySchool of Physiology
LABNET HEATING BLOCKEquipmentWits UniversityPhysiology
Lipshaw - Vacuum infiltrator and Parraffin dispenserEquipmentUFSMEDICAL SCIENCES
Lasec - Microscope and cameraEquipmentUFSMEDICAL SCIENCES