Note for PSSA Members
If you were registered as a PSSA member previously and wish to renew your membership, then please do the following.

  1. Login to your existing profile
    1. A password reset may be required for some members due to recent maintenance on the member login portal.
  2. After login, you will have the option to a “Renew Membership” page which will allow you to renew for the 2018 year.
  3. You will also have the option to edit your personal information and we recommend that you do so before renewing your membership for the 2018 year.
  4. Once you have renewed your membership, you and the secretary will receive an invoice indicating your membership number
  5. Once membership dues are paid, you may then upload your proof of payment under the ‘view invoice’ tab

Membership categories

Membership in PSSA is open to individuals who have a professional/personal interest in the discipline of physiology. The following categories of membership exist:

Ordinary membership

Ordinary membership of the Society shall be open to all persons with an interest in basic or applied physiology.

Current annual membership fees: Full members R 400; Student members R100.

Senior membership

A member of the Society automatically becomes a senior member when he/she, as a paid-up member of the Society of at least 5 years standing reaches the age of sixty five years. A senior member enjoys all rights, privileges, and benefits of membership, but shall not hold office.
A senior member is not required to pay annual membership fees.

Honorary Fellowship

Honorary Fellowship of the Society may be conferred, by decision of the Council, upon persons who have, by virtue of their standing and/or scientific efforts, contributed substantially, over many years, to the Society, or who have provided meritorious service to the community in pursuit of objectives in line with those of the Society. Honorary fellowship is conferred for life and Fellows are not required to pay annual membership fees, but may hold office in the Society and vote at meetings.

Election of Ordinary and Senior members

Persons who are eligible for Ordinary or Senior membership of the Society shall submit a written application. The application for membership will be ratified by ordinary majority vote of the Council of the Society.

Voting rights

Ordinary members, Senior members and Honorary Fellows of the Society are all entitled to one vote per person on all matters submitted to members for decision, except the PRESIDENT who will have an additional vote in the case of a deadlock.

Benefits of Membership

  • Student travel fellowships for conference attendance support
  • Discount in registration fees for annual PSSA conference
  • Eligibility for PSSA conference awards
  • Access to information on equipment availability and expertise in specific methodologies
  • Academic support
  • Increased visibility of research activities


    • Member (R 400.00 per annum)
      Student (R 100.00 per annum)
      Postdoc (R 200.00 per annum)
    • Cheque
      Electronic Transfer